With so few important new film releases to comply with, I’ve taken to some unusual pasttimes, together with the viewing of outdated traditional Star Trek episodes.  I used to be struck by two obscure episodes particularly.  One is Who Mourns for Adonais?, and the opposite is Metamorphosis, each from early within the second (and greatest) season.

In Adonais, a crazed being, who’s the truth is the traditional Greek God Apollo, seizes management of the ship and of a touchdown get together, consisting of Kirk and some others, together with a gorgeous Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas.  In due time Apollo “takes” her, together with her diploma of precise compliance being extremely unsure (the entire ship and touchdown get together are below fixed menace of dying).  Kirk and the others encourage her to courtroom him additional, after which to reject him, to weaken his spirits, which ends up in his eventual lack of management.  It’s Carolyn’s cleverness that saves them, she has been via emotional hell, after which they spurn and overlook her whereas returning to the ship.

I’m very conversant in “Golden age” science fiction and the way badly it handled girls, to not point out traditional Star Trek’s personal repute.  Nonetheless watching this episode it struck me, as a 2020 viewer, that the primary message is how unaware high-achieving males are of the sexual travails of coerced girls, most of all of the coerced girls they so typically depend on.  Actually.

In Metamorphosis, Kirk is carrying a beautiful feminine ambassador on a visit, and they’re waylaid by an odd being on an odd planet.  I’ll spare you the entire story, however the ambassador finally ends up assembly a male castaway she dislikes, an alien takes over the physique and partly the thoughts of the ambassador, and the mixed alien/ambassador decides to marry the castaway to allow them to dwell fortunately ever after on the unusual planet (actually).  The ambassador by no means would have chosen any of that on her personal, and it appears to me this counts as a lifetime of rape for her, to not point out imprisonment, exile, and having to share one’s life and ideas with a deeply alien being.

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are simply fantastic with this!  Admittedly, given the powers of the alien, they didn’t have a lot alternative, however they’re downright jolly — from Wikipedia: “When McCoy asks who will full Nancy Hedford’s [ambassadorial] mission, Kirk shrugs and says, “I’m certain the Federation can discover one other lady, someplace, who’ll cease that warfare.””

Brutal!  The collateral injury on the distaff aspect deserves not a single point out or act of mourning, although in any other case Kirk will danger the entire ship to save lots of the lifetime of Bones or Spock or Scottie.

Once more, I went away from the entire episode feeling this was a progressive slightly than repugnant tackle the entire narrative.

Maybe it’s I who am loopy, however I’m starting to suppose that “The Revisionist Sexual Historical past of Basic Star Trek” stays to be written.

And perhaps you favor TNG, or another later Star Trek model, however I inform you the 1967-69 model is much much less “censored” and for that cause way more attention-grabbing to rewatch.

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