MSNBC host Pleasure Reid is the one minority host on her community from midday to midnight, so it’s solely pure she could be most anticipated to lecture on the evils of whiteness, particularly white male-ness. It may well even occur on her social media accounts.

On November 16, Reid took to TikTok to check the Kyle Rittenhouse trial to the affirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh three years in the past.

“This Kyle Rittenhouse trial. It reminded lots of people of one thing – one thing, can’t bear in mind what,” she stated. “The Brett Kavanaugh hearings, wherein Brett Kavanaugh, who had been accused by a highschool pal of committing sexual abuse of her, cried his approach by way of the hearings” to make the Supreme Courtroom.

No “impartial” fact-checker will object, however Kavanaugh didn’t “cry his approach by way of” affirmation hearings. In truth, Kavanaugh teared up throughout his opening assertion as he described his 10-year-old daughter Liza’s response to Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations. “We must always pray for the girl,” Kavanaugh says his daughter responded. “That’s a whole lot of knowledge from a 10-year-old.” He additionally choked up when describing the affect of the costs on his household.

However who wants context whenever you’re “proudly owning” the white male conservatives?

Reid continued: “And his tears turned out to be extra highly effective than the tears of Christine Blasey Ford, which had been the tears of an alleged sufferer.” Strongly underline the “alleged.” Ford might by no means find a time and place the place she and Kavanaugh had ever met as youngsters.

That is the place this tried connection to Rittenhouse collapses. Kavanaugh hadn’t shot anybody throughout a riot. They could not show that he had executed something like raping women as a teenaged boy, regardless of a number of accusers with unique tales.

Rittenhouse scrunched up his face and misplaced his composure when describing how he shot and killed two males. And if he hadn’t cried? Then he’d be trashed by Reid as a sociopath.

Reid’s rant continued: “However in America, there’s a factor about each white vigilantism and white tears, significantly male white tears. Actually, white tears on the whole as a result of that’s what Karens are, proper? They Karen-out, and as quickly as they get caught, they bring about waterworks. White males can get away with that, too, and it has the identical impact.”

Nobody’s going to search out Pleasure Reid mocking a “Karen-out” when Hillary Clinton teared up on the marketing campaign path in 2008, or when she teared up in a Benghazi listening to in 2013. The networks touted that as a masterful efficiency.

“The indignation. After which, the tears in her eyes,” ABC anchor Diane Sawyer introduced earlier than trumpeting: “It was a valedictory that confirmed her indignation and emotion as she ends this tenure on the general public stage.” It was a “riveting encounter.”

For her half, Reid is greatest remembered for exclaiming how Hillary was nearly probably the most certified contender ever in 2016: “My God, because the Founding Fathers, has anybody tried to run for president with extra on their resume?”

That is how Reid concluded on the white male tears: “Whilst the best tries to politicize the concept that masculinity is being robbed from American males by multiculturalism and woke-ism, they nonetheless need to have the ability to have their tears.”

The frequent thread is the Left’s cynical accusation that these incidents of white-male crying or choking up on tv had been insincerely staged for private achieve or political impact. What Pleasure Reid was cynically providing was an early basket of bitter grapes that the Left didn’t destroy both Kavanaugh or Rittenhouse.   

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