If you happen to follow me on Instagram story, you most likely know that I eat a lot of salads. I really like salads and often have a least one large salad day by day.

To make it simple to prep salads, I often wash and tear sufficient lettuce for a complete week of salads at one time. This manner, I can simply seize some handfuls of lettuce from the fridge, put them on a plate, prime them with no matter salad toppings I wish to use, and eat.

When it solely takes a couple of minutes to make a salad, it’s quite a bit simpler to make more healthy consuming a precedence!

Right here’s how I prep my lettuce to final for a minimum of 6-7 days and keep contemporary and crisp:

Step 1: I often purchase a head of lettuce from Aldi or Kroger. I want Crimson Leaf, Inexperienced Leaf, or Romaine.

Step 2: I put the pinnacle of lettuce right into a colander or strainer within the sink.

Step 3: I tear off the leaves and rinse them.

Step 4: I lay the lettuce leaves out onto a dish fabric on the kitchen counter.

Step 5: I pat the leaves dry with the towel/dish fabric.

Step 6: I tear the leaves and stick them in a bowl.

Step 7: I put a plate on prime of the bowl and stick it within the fridge. This whole course of takes me lower than 10 minutes after which I’ve lettuce all prepped and contemporary for salads for the whole week!


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