I haven’t seen most Star Trek episodes since I used to be a younger teen, so I attempted rewatching this one, you already know, with the alternate universe and the evil Spock.  It was good!

I took away from it the primary lesson that our ethical habits — or lack thereof — is among the most contingent and fragile options of our universe.  The probably joyful ending for the dangerous universe drives this level residence, as does the opening speech from the indigenous folks (the Halkans) who received’t promote their dilithium crystals, reminding Kirk that the Federation too may flip dangerous.  Add to that the utter implausibility of their “extremely ethical” habits within the dangerous universe, because the absurdity and unlikelihood of their invited destruction reminds us that nearly everyone seems to be pliable in response sturdy sufficient incentives.

In the event you suppose by way of the plot, to the extent the “good” individuals are extra highly effective and efficient than the “dangerous” individuals, that’s as a result of the “good” individuals are higher at deceit.  Although the great individuals can educate deceit to the dangerous individuals, as the great Kirk does on the finish to the evil Spock, who maybe will reform.  One other embedded lesson is that each the “good” and the “dangerous” males will sexually harass (each the great and dangerous) ladies, with the foremost variations being these of fashion not substance.  And the “good” males appear to choose the “dangerous” ladies.

If the “dangerous” universe had been safer, would the highly effective individuals discover it higher or worse to reside in?  What if you happen to had a Ring of Gyges that can assist you alongside?

Total you possibly can learn the entire episode as “the spirits” (God?) sending a Shakespearean-like dream to Kirk, in order that he can higher perceive the attitude of the Halkans, which in any other case he finds baffling.  May the Halkans have despatched the dream themselves?

Beneficial, it was higher and extra idea-rich than anticipated.  I’ll strive one other episode quickly.


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