Adoption of renewables continues to grow and now accounts for more than 25% of electricity production. Chart showing electricity production by source rebased to 2015, the date of the Paris Agreement

Adoption of renewable vitality sources has risen because the Paris local weather settlement was struck in 2015, when international targets had been set for limiting the climb in international temperatures by slicing greenhouse fuel emissions by 2050.

Vitality from renewable sources now accounts for 25 per cent of electrical energy, as proven in these charts of electrical energy manufacturing by supply, rebased to 2015, the date of the Paris accord.

On the 2020 anniversary local weather summit held on Saturday, co-hosted by the UK and France, UN secretary-general António Guterres highlighted how a lot additional there was to go earlier than the Paris ambition of retaining international warming as near 1.5C as attainable was achieved.

“The commitments made in Paris had been removed from sufficient to get there. And even these commitments are usually not being met,” Mr Guterres mentioned, noting that the world was on track for 3C of warming. 

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