Ever since Mayor Daley of Chicago “discovered” tens of 1000’s of useless individuals to “vote” for John F. Kennedy within the 1960 election, many People have suspected the Democratic Celebration’s city political machines to be awash in voter fraud. That suspicion has not been diminished by the actions of the mayor’s son William, Al Gore’s marketing campaign chairman and the person in command of the vote “recount” going down in Florida.

As infamous because the Democrat political machines are, the origins of vote fraud in America lie within the get together of Lincoln. The huge vote fraud that befell through the Struggle between the States and for the following twelve years of “Reconstruction” offers an abject lesson in tyranny that has ominous implications for American taxpayers.

There are information experiences that through the 2000 presidential election cycle many absentee ballots by no means made it to army personnel abroad, whereas 40 % of those who had been returned to the state of Florida had been thrown out due to minor technicalities (like absence of a postage stamp). Throughout the Struggle between the States Lincoln was recognized to instruct his army commanders to furlough registered Republicans whereas conserving Democrats (and any others) within the subject, the place they might not vote. In border states like Maryland, the place there was highly effective opposition to the warfare, federal troopers flooded the cities on election days and had been instructed to vote, although they weren’t residents of these states.

Federal troopers additionally intimidated voters into voting Republican by menacing them on the polls. As Lincoln biographer David Donald has written, “Below the safety of Federal bayonets, New York went Republican by seven thousand votes” in 1864.

The Republican Congress even created three new states—Kansas, West Virginia, and Nevada—to assist rig the 1864 election in favor of Lincoln, so involved had been they over pervasive antiwar sentiment and large desertions from the federal military.

Throughout “Reconstruction” (1865–1877) the Republican Celebration held a monopoly of energy that was so full, historian Richard Bensel noticed in Yankee Leviathan, that the closest parallels to that state of affairs are “the PRI in Mexico, the Congress Celebration in India, and the Bolsheviks within the early years of the Soviet Union.”

One cause the Republican Celebration was in a position to maintain on to this monopolistic energy is that it blackmailed the ten Southern states that opposed the Fourteenth Modification (Tennessee voted in favor of it) into passing the modification by denying them congressional illustration till they acquiesced. In doing so the Northern states successfully seceded from the Union, a union which Lincoln by no means acknowledged as having been damaged.

Virtually all Southern males had been disenfranchised, whereas nearly the entire male ex-slaves had been registered to vote (Republican). No Southern male might vote who participated within the warfare effort in any method, together with contributing meals or clothes to the Accomplice military. Voter registration required one to publicly proclaim that one was on the facet of the federal armies through the warfare, one thing that no sane Southerner who valued his life would do.

The outcome was that by 1868, ten of the fourteen Southern US senators, twenty of the thirty-five representatives, and 4 of the seven elected governors had been Northern Republicans who had by no means met any of their constituents till after the warfare. Any native officers who didn’t strictly obey Republican Celebration dictates had been purged from workplace by the army and changed with Republican Celebration hacks who had been supported by the occupation forces of the US army.

With a political monopoly gained via voter fraud and army pressure, the Republican Celebration plundered the South for over a decade. Since property homeowners had been disenfranchised, the puppet governments had been in a position to enact tax enhance after tax enhance, ostensibly to construct railroads, canals, and roads, only a few of which had been really constructed. Many of the cash was merely stolen by Republican Celebration hacks and the scheming businessmen who supported them. The Republican Celebration started because the get together of company welfare and has modified little or no prior to now 150 years.

Regardless that the South was economically devastated, the Republican Celebration imposed onerous property taxes that allowed get together “officers” to step in and confiscate the property for unpaid taxes. At one level 20 % of your complete state of Mississippi was on the market. By 1872 property taxes within the South had been 4 instances greater than they had been in 1860. They had been thirty instances greater in South Carolina, the place the secession motion started. A lot of this cash was stolen by tax collectors and by no means made it into state treasuries.

A punitive 5 cents-per-pound federal tax was additionally positioned on cotton, which compelled many Southern farmers to promote out to authorities tax authorities. Treasury brokers confiscated most of this income for their very own financial institution accounts in line with a report by Sherrard Clemens, an investigator employed by President Andrew Johnson, as described in The Documentary Historical past of Reconstruction.

Henry Clay Warmoth, the Reconstruction governor of Louisiana, “collected” over $1 million in wealth in simply 4 years on his $8,000-per-year wage, a monetary feat akin to Hillary Clinton’s cattle futures buying and selling prowess.

The lesson to be discovered from these historic incidents is that any political get together that’s brazen sufficient to steal a presidential election via voter fraud can be prone to be brazen (and highly effective) sufficient to plunder the residents beneath its rule, endanger their lives, and deal with them like serfs.

[Originally published November 2000.]


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