In line with typical knowledge, the reason for Trump’s declining assist amongst seniors is his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. The president ignored the problem initially, whereas a few of his Republican colleagues advised that older Individuals, who usually tend to die in the event that they contract COVID-19, will be sacrificed with a purpose to jump-start the economic system. In July and August 2020, 11 nursing residence residents died every hour nationally, in keeping with a latest congressional report co-authored by Sen. Robert Casey (D-Pa). […]

However Biden has truly held a bonus amongst seniors since final summer season, indicating that the coronavirus isn’t the one issue. To grasp why, it’s useful to keep in mind that the group we check with as “seniors” can truly be damaged down into subsets, as Pew Research did again in 2012.

Those that turned 18 throughout the Nixon administration – a phase of older Child Boomers – have tended to be barely extra Democratic than common of their voting. Those that got here of age throughout the Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson years – largely members of the Silent era and the very oldest of the Child Boomers –have tended to be extra Republican than the typical. 

Because the variety of seniors who got here of age throughout the Eisenhower years fades, the marginally extra Democratic Boomers are filling the ranks, adding 10,000 individuals to the 65+ age group per day. In different phrases, the senior cohort that voted for Trump in 2016 has modified dramatically. That alone may clarify why Biden held a lead of about 5 factors initially.

However Biden’s lead has continued to develop. […]



“The Structure they wrote was designed to guard the rights of white, male residents. As there have been no black Founding Fathers, there have been no founding moms – an incredible pity, on each counts. It’s not too late to finish the work they left undone. Right now, right here, we must always begin to take action.
         ~~Shirley Chisholm, Talking in Congress for the Equal Rights Modification, August 10, 1970




At Every day Kos on this date in 2018—Sen. Susan Collins, Liar: 

Sen. Susan Collins is mendacity.

Let’s simply make that clear, as a result of Susan Collins shouldn’t be beneath the impression that anybody, wherever is shopping for onto her third man concept, the insulting, cowardly and poisonous concept that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was undoubtedly assaulted when she was fifteen years outdated and that Sen. Susan Collins “believes” her, however Collins additionally believes that Dr. Ford is totally mistaken concerning the face she noticed inches from hers, as a hand lined her mouth to maintain her from screaming and a drunken good friend turned up the radio in order that different party-goers wouldn’t hear her makes an attempt to flee. Susan Collins says she “believes” all components of Dr. Ford’s testimony apart from her absolute “100%” certainty that her assailant was a younger Brett Kavanaugh. As a substitute, Collins “believes” Kavanaugh when he stated, in evasive and rage-fueled testimony, that he did not do it–so it should have been another person.

Collins is mendacity, and all people is aware of it. What Susan Collins means is that she believes Brett Kavanaugh is presently too Vital to have carried out it. Too central to the conservative trigger; an excessive amount of a celeb. He has grown from a drunken lout of a boy to a person with highly effective buddies. He has appeared on tv, and within the papers, and is the newest golden little one of a motion dedicated to unthreading the legal guidelines and restitching them right into a hammock for the ruling class. Collins has no drawback believing that Dr. Ford appropriately described Brett Kavanaugh’s social circle–his consuming buddies. She would haven’t any hesitating in believing Dr. Ford if Dr. Ford had named any of these different names as her assaulter. However Brett Kavanaugh is just too vital to the second to have carried out it–he denied it on the grandest of doable levels, in any case–and subsequently he didn’t.


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