With Invoice and Melinda Gates divorcing, and Kanye and Kim doing the identical, America now has a paucity of very well-known married {couples}, a minimum of outdoors of politics, the place Barack and Michelle Obama reign supreme.

Who’s the Lucy and Desi of our time?  The George Burns and Gracie Allen?  The Sonny and Cher?

George and Amal Clooney are within the operating, however is she so well-known to most People?  Might they inform you her identify from scratch, or cite what she is thought for?

Kurt Cobain has handed away, as has Kobe Bryant, Larry and Laurie David break up a while in the past, and John and Yoko and Paul and Linda (an honorary American couple, for media functions) are distant recollections.  Film stars barely nonetheless exist as of late.

Maybe Elon Musk will marry Grimes, who’s a musical star of some renown.

Woody Allen and Quickly-Yi Previn have been married for twenty-four years, and they’re fairly well-known.

Harry and Meghan perhaps have gotten an American couple, a minimum of for media functions?

Who else?


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